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New Zealand wants to follow Australian control over news coming in on Facebook and Google

Technology companies also agreed with Australia, but the issue Pay media for news content This is still a headache for Google and Facebook. Now, Asked the New Zealand giants They are looking for Similar deals For those who have recently completed in Australia.

New Zealand Media Minister Chris Paphoy said he wanted to Accepting a regulation that compels these companies Of the digital sector To pay newspaper editors for the information they publish.

However, the minister argued Contracts Within the framework Speech Between the country’s media groups and American heroes Follow the binding law.

“I hope business discussions between traditional media and digital platforms will begin in New Zealand as well,” Fafoi told parliament last week in talks with Google and Facebook representatives.

In the last week, Australian Parliament adopts a law that will force digital groups to pay the country’s press publishers For its current content. U.S. companies have been accused of hoarding large sums of advertising revenue and using media content without financial compensation.

Facebook and Google were able to reduce some of the rules of the law. Therefore, contracts are more the result of negotiations than the imposition of a regulatory power.

The law was passed after a long struggle with technology companies Facebook has shown its strength by preventing links to current articles from being published for several days The country’s media.

Fafoe, who defended the role of the media during epidemics, pointed out that the law adopted by the New Zealand government depends on the progress of discussions between sites and media outlets.

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