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Newly promoted Schalke 04 |  St. Bali lost despite a 2-0 lead at - Game

Newly promoted Schalke 04 | St. Bali lost despite a 2-0 lead at – Game

Status: 07.05.2022 23:21

The promotion train may have departed after Gelsenkirchen’s return to the Bundesliga after a 2: 3 defeat to second division football club FC Saint Bali in FC Schalke 04.

Van Hono Bode

The Hamburgers took a 2-0 lead in the game on Saturday evening, given by young player Igor Madonovich Brace. After the Corona eruption the previous week and the deactivation of ten experts, the team of coach Timo Schultz was badly reduced in terms of staff and eventually lacked the quality and strength to stand up to Schalke over the entire distance.

Keezclub are just two points behind in second and third place ahead of the season final against Fortuna Düsseldorf next Sunday. But the colors brown and white have the worst target distinction of promotion candidates. In addition, it is possible Werder Bremen exited Sunday with a draw or victory, only to reach the top three.

Schultz: “Opponent was high quality”

“Today we have to admit that the enemy had the highest quality on the pitch. Sometimes Schalke pushed us against the wall,” Schultz said succinctly, and he found words of appreciation for his core team’s brave performance in bitter bankruptcy: “My boys fought with everything they had.”

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Schalke considers it repressive

“Tonight the nostalgia burns” was written on a large banner, with thirsty Schalke supporters curled up in the corner before kicking off after the return of the Bundesliga. In a symbolic sense, it also burned in the penalty area of ​​the neighboring club – it burned. The hosts started the attack after the attack and during the break Dennis Smarch threw 13 shots towards the defensive goal. In addition, after 45 minutes, excluding extra time, “Nappon” had the ball 61 percent. Figures attesting to Gelsenkirchen’s clear dominance in the first section.

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Madanovic puts a brace on St. Bali

Igor Madonovic of FC Saint Bali (2nd from right) celebrates 1-0 at FC Schalke 04 © IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel Photo: Ulrich Hufnagel

Igor Madanovic (2nd from right) scored two goals to give St. Bali a 2-0 lead.

However, Schalke could not turn their superiority into something countable. After a few seconds they failed like Simon Derot to score, either because of the smash that stood for regular keeper Nicola Vasil or because of their nerves. Also, Ko Idakura (24th) refused to score. Referee Marco Fritz (basket) after reading the moving pictures, decided that the Japanese handled the ball. At this point, St. Bali was already 2-0 up. Both goals were scored by Madonovic. First, 19-year-old goalkeeper Martin Friesley overcame a turn (9th) shot. Eight minutes later, the attacker won on a low shot.

These are the teens’ first goals of the season. Jackson Irwin staged him perfectly. Kiskicker did not see much of a goal until the break. Her appearance is not elegant, but very efficient.

Terodo brings Schalke back into the game

Even after the pages changed, only one team entered the completely sold-out Kelsenkirchen football temple: Schalke. Unlike the first half, coach Mike Buscans’ team was rewarded for their tremendous effort. Jakov converted Medic’s penalty kick to make it 1: 2 (47th). To the chagrin of Schultz ‘supporters, the thirst for Dorothy’s goals was not yet satisfied. The 34-year-old scored his 29th goal of the season in the 71st minute after Hamburg Kelsenkirchen was sent off in the penalty area.

Jalasar scored against the former club – Beefus looks “red”

The following is one of the stories that is said to have been written only about football. Rodrigo Jalasser, who delighted fans of the Brown and Whites with his somewhat anarchic game from 2020 to 2021 by all former St. Bali players, scored 3: 2 (78th) with a full right-footed shot. ) Guests must now score at least one goal to maintain a realistic opportunity for promotion. But after a tough challenge against Florian Flick (81st) Marcel Beeffes saw a red card as the hamburgers played in large numbers in the final and did not add much.

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Shortly before the end of the match, Matanovic was sent off with a yellow card (90 ‘+ 5’), thus shattering the hope that Kiskeeker would win by one point.

Match Day 33, May 7, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

FC Schalke04


FC St. Polly



  • 1: 2
    Torode (47th, penalty kick)
  • 3: 2
    Salazar Martinez (78.)

FC Schalke 04:
Friesl – Windheim (55. Aydin), Idagura, Kaminski, Ovgen – Flick, Latcha (79. Paulson) – Drexler (67. Salazar Martinez), Bulder, Surlinov (79. Idrisi) – Derod.

FC St. Poly:
Smarch – Xander, Beefs, Medicine, Bagarada (80. McKenzie) – Aremu (58. Ritzka) – Benadelli (79. Dashner), Irwin – Hartell – Madonovic, Kyreh

61271 (sold out)

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A football table in front of a football theme © Colourbox Photo: Pressmaster

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