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News of the royal baby in Monaco

News of the royal baby in Monaco

Finally, good news comes from the Monaco royal family. Princess Caroline's son-in-law – the German prince, Prince Christian of Hanover (38 years old), and his wife Alessandra (35 years old) became parents. The two live in Madrid, but are closely linked to Monaco through his family.


The princess herself shares it on Instagram. The royal couple already have two children, twins Nicola and Sofia, who will turn four this summer.

“Welcome to Alexia’s world. Three weeks ago you came and completed our family. We love you to no end.” The Peruvian-born princess writes under this post.

family tree

Prince Christian is the son of Prince Ernst August of Hanover (70 years old), and is married on paper to Princess Caroline of Monaco (67 years old). The two have not been seen together for many years, but they should not be legally separated. She is the older sister of Prince Albert of Monaco.

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It's important to keep your tongue straight around Monaco's royals.

Prince Christian's father, Prince Ernst August V of Hanover, divorced Christian's mother, Chantal Hochuli, in 1997. Two years later, he married Princess Caroline of Monaco.

He pushed the lovers behind his wife's back

He pushed the lovers behind his wife's back

Many stories have been written about Prince Albert (65) and Princess Charlene (46) in the international media since their marriage in 2011.

Illness, divorce rumors and love children are just some of what he wrote about.

That's why the Monaco royals were in desperate need of this good news.

They divorced four years later

They divorced four years later

Prince Christian is the second in line to assume the position of head of the German princely family of Hanover. Today, that responsibility falls on his older brother, Prince Ernst August VI (40 years old), after their father, Caroline’s husband, abdicated “the throne.”

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