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News, Per Orderud |  Per Orderud’s report refused: – Surrender

News, Per Orderud | Per Orderud’s report refused: – Surrender

Orderud previously reported First Officer Tore Per Bakken to fabricate evidence in connection with Orderud’s 21-year prison sentence for the triple murders at Orderud’s farm in 1999.

Bakken denied making up the evidence.

– The case has been dismissed, as there is no reasonable cause to investigate that there was a criminal offense, Office Chief Terry Neboy writes in the decision pursuant to The daily newspaper.

Resume immediately

This closure was promptly appealed by Orderud.

– He is disappointed, but not very surprised. He did not experience that his opinions were taken into account, Orderud’s private investigator, Tore Sandberg, tells NTB.

Sandberg says he is now working on writing a comprehensive justification for the complaint in collaboration with attorney Arvid Sjodin.

NTB has been in contact with Orderud, who is referring Sandberg for comment.


The decision also states that the office believes there is no evidence in the case that would suggest that Paquin had knowingly given the court an incorrect interpretation or fabricated evidence.

The report concerned a piece of evidence that was brought before the Court of Appeal. A piece of wood was presented as evidence in court, and according to the police, a projectile was found there that matched one of the weapons used in the murders.

– I don’t want to go into details, but there are a number of points we will complain about. In general, I would say that the office did not, in fact, ask anyone any questions. We think that’s too bad. Sandberg says they do not conduct their own investigations to clarify important elements.

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Important clues

He notes that the information obtained in this case will also be used to try to reinstate the murder conviction.

– We believe this is one of the most important pieces of evidence in the Orderud case, says Sandberg.

For several years, Orderud worked to have his case reopened. He was convicted of killing his parents, Christian and Marie Sourceud, and his sister, Anne Sourceud-Baust. Orderud’s then-wife Veronica Orderud, her sister Christine Kerkemo, and the now-deceased Lars Grunerud were also found guilty of the murders.