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News studio – press conference on the Copenhagen shooting

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At 4 p.m., Copenhagen’s police inspector, Danny Reyes, held a new press conference about the shooting at the Fields shopping center, in which three people were killed.

A 22-year-old man has been jailed for 24 days for three murders and seven attempted murders.

He began the press conference by saying that a total of ten people were shot.

In addition, 20 others were injured, but these received what Rice refers to as fall injuries in connection with their escape attempt.

Although less than a day has passed since the accident, the police have received more than 100 inquiries regarding the case.

Rise also encourages fans not to share videos or photos from the event on social media.

– You should instead hand the materials over to the police, says the police inspector.

It won’t say anything more about the actual course of events.

It takes 13 minutes from the time we receive the message until the suspect is arrested. He says it seems like an eternity, but what happened is that we will achieve now.

He will not say anything about what kind of weapon was used, but exactly how many shots were fired.

The police also say they cannot see any direct relationship between the accused and the victims.

– I can understand very well that many want a motive. It would be good to have an explanation, but it is important to stress that 24 hours have not passed yet.

Rice also says there was a dialogue between the police and the 22-year-old defendant, but he won’t go into detail in the case.

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