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Next to his wife, Carlos M. Cunha declares: “It is time to change course.”

Next to his wife, Carlos M. Cunha declares: “It is time to change course.”

Taking to Instagram, actor Carlos M. Cunha announced big news.

It was on Instagram Carlos M. Cunha He shared something new about two establishments that were run by the actor in the TV series “Festa é Festa”: “Dear friends of Drop Club and Petisqueira Atrás dos Vinhos, life is made up of cycles, and it is time to close another cycle. Today, we want to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all Those who have, for nearly four years, been an essential part of our business and passion. It is with mixed emotions that we write this post, as it is time for us to change course. During this journey together, we have shared successes, overcome challenges, and built relationships that we value greatly. Each and every one of you has contributed to the success of our nation, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Whether as customers, partners or friends, your trust and support have been invaluable to us.” “As we move into a new phase of our lives, we want to invite you to stay with the new owners of Drop and Petisqueira. We will, but we can never give up on you! We believe you are in very good hands. For now, we want to say a sincere “thank you” for being part of our journey. We wish all of you (musicians, artists, collaborators, suppliers and customers) a lot of success in your lives and that you find the same dedication and support that you find. He added in the caption of the photo in which he appears with his wife Marisa Lopez: “You have always been with us.”

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At the end of the letter, Carlos M. Costa also left a special thank you: “There is one person to whom we want to publicly express our eternal gratitude for his profound generosity: Rui Alves Vieira!”

See now the photo shared by Carlos M. Cunha, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.