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Neymar suffers a serious knee injury and leaves the field crying – Brazil

Neymar suffers a serious knee injury and leaves the field crying – Brazil

This happened in the match that Brazil lost to Uruguay, to qualify for the World Cup

Brazil’s match with Uruguay ended poorly for the Canaries, who not only lost 2-0, but Neymar also suffered a serious injury to his left knee. The Al Hilal striker collided with midfielder De La Cruz, and when he entered the field, he sprained his knee. On the bench, coach Fernando Diniz immediately realized that the injury was serious and sent Richarlison to warm up. On the field, Neymar showed pain and ended up leaving the field on a stretcher, his eyes filled with tears. The Brazilian press says that the player will undergo tests on Wednesday in Sao Paulo, which will allow for a more detailed diagnosis of the injury. Team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar explained that it is necessary to wait for the results of the tests to find out whether the joint ligaments have been affected or not. “We have performed tests that will be repeated tomorrow (Wednesday). These 24 hours will be important to see how the knee responds and what swelling it will cause. Imaging tests that will determine the final diagnosis, it is too early to say (if it is a ligament injury). Let’s wait for the tests and calmly assess the situation.” .

Chilling moment: Neymar hurts his knee and leaves on a stretcher

It is noteworthy that Neymar recently returned from a serious injury to the ligaments in his right ankle, which kept him out of competition for six months.

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In the match that indicates qualification for the World Cup, Uruguay won 2-0, scored by Darwin Nunez and de la Cruz. There are 37 unbeaten matches for Brazil in the qualifiers.

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