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NFL Draft 2022 - Live Tigger: Will Jaguar Trade Become No. 1 Big?

NFL Draft 2022 – Live Tigger: Will Jaguar Trade Become No. 1 Big?

Munich – The night of April 28 begins one of the most important weekends for NFL owners. In the 2022 NFL Draft, the most desirable college players are switching to the NFL. ProSieben will broadcast the first round of the MAXX draft live (Thursday through Friday from 1:40 pm) and may continue to stream live on on other days.

Jacksonville Jaguars first choice. “Jacks” were allowed to open last year’s draft. Back then, Florida franchise chose quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The full 2022 draft order can be found here.

+++ April 28, 10:45 pm: Are the Jaguars still trading at the top? +++

According to NFL expert Mike Florio, the Jacksonville Jaguars are considering a number of options for making their first choice this year – so the trade of the number one choice may be debatable.

Florio himself says the Jaguars are “trying to find a way out of the best choice.” However, the reporter reports that no other team has any basic interest in trading for the first choice.

So getting rid of Jacksonville should not be easy – especially since there are only a few hours to start the draft. It looks like the Jaguars will become the first team to select a player for the second year in a row.

However, it is not yet clear who it is. It was recently reported that general manager Trent Phalke and team owner Shad Khan did not agree with the selection.

+++ April 28, 7:30 pm: A crazy $ 100,000 bet +++

Rob star Drake revealed on his own Instagram that Drake had bet $ 100,000 to draw the first white receiver in London.

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The odds set by the bookies in the race are 3.35 – that is, if the first receiver selected by a team is London, the superstar will make a profit of $ 235,000.

When it comes to mega racing, Drake fully trusts his name, he played for the USC Trojans in college and was one of the best prospects in the broad receiver class for this year’s draft.

Whether the rapper is really right can be seen at the very beginning of the draft. The 8th-ranked Atlanta Falcons and the 4th and 10th-ranked New York Jets can use a good wide receiver.

+++ April 28, 7:00 pm: Are Texans still trading? +++

According to ESPN reporter Adam Schifter, Houston Texans could trade for the second to top 10 picks.

The Texans also finished 13th in the first round, finishing third in the 2022 NFL Draft. Nonetheless, according to the report, Houston officials are considering trading the second option to get another choice within the top ten.

However, the basic requirement for this should be the availability of a “suitable player”. After all, there is a need for Texans on the O-Line, in cornerbacks, in the backyard and in the Edge Rush.

+++ April 28, 11:40 am: Did the front office of the Jaguars not agree with the first overall exam? +++

What do the Jaguars do in the “Number One Choice”? There may be a disagreement between the “jokes” 24 hours before the start of the draft. Team owner Shot Khan is said to like defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. General Manager Trent Phalke is currently leaning towards Travan Walker at the defensive end as well. This was stated by Jonathan Jones from “CBS Sports”.

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Hutchinson has long been considered a clear first overall choice. However, thanks to a strong workout, the 21-year-old Walker is said to have brought himself into the conversation.

A good NFL career is predicted for both players. In college, however, Hutchinson (62 tackles, 16.5 tackles and 14 tackles for loss) outperformed his rival (Walker: 33 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss and six tackles).

When is the NFL Draft?

  • The draft takes place over three days. The first round starts at night from Thursday to Friday. Other rounds will be held on Fridays and Saturdays.

Where is the NFL draft displayed?

  • The first round of ProSieben MAXX draws live on Thursdays to Fridays (from 1:40 am). Other days can be watched live on (Friday to Saturday 1:00 pm to Saturday and 6:00 pm)

Who owns the first choice?

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