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Nick Cannon explains why he refused chemotherapy to his son

Nick Cannon explains why he refused chemotherapy to his son

Nick Cannon continues to mourn his five-month-old son, who died of a brain tumor. The well-known presenter explained why he and the boy’s mother chose not to resort to invasive treatments, preferring to provide the child with a comfortable life, no matter how short.

“We started asking, ‘Is there any way to prevent death? If not, how much time do we have? Conversations quickly turned to ‘How can we give him the best life possible in the time left?’ It could take weeks, months, years,” he said during Interview with People magazine.

Remember that Cannon and Alyssa Scott took their son Zane to the doctor when they noticed something unusual in his breathing. At the age of two months, the boy was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Nick adds that he didn’t want to see his son clinging to hospital equipment, which is why he refused chemotherapy.

“For someone who has had to deal with chemotherapy, I know what the pain is. I didn’t want to see that happen to a two-month-old. I didn’t want him to suffer.”Cannon, who was diagnosed with lupus, said after already having to turn to chemotherapy to treat the disease.

“Every month we celebrated his birthday, we considered it a victory,” he adds.

Zen ended up dying on December 5th.

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