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Nick Cannon's tenth child was born.  Moghadam gave birth to two children in nine days

Nick Cannon’s tenth child was born. Moghadam gave birth to two children in nine days

Nick Cannon, American rapper and presenter, became a father for the tenth time. Little Ascension of Christ He was born on September 23, exactly nine days after The artist welcomed their ninth daughter.

Another blessing. When my journey on this planet becomes more wonderful, all I can do is thank God and ask Him to continue to guide me.” On her Instagram page, revealing that “Maybe it was hard work.” that you’ve already seen.

The baby is Nick Cannon’s third child with the model. Brittany BellWho is the mother of goldenfive years and strong queenfor a period of 19 months.

It is worth noting that the artist witnessed on the fourteenth of September the birth of his ninth daughter, ice onyxthe first thing in common with the previous model, Lanisha Kol. On June 28 he was born legendary lovehis mother is the model bri ts.

In 2021, the artist witnessed birth and death, with only five monthsZain S. , his son is with him Alyssa Scott. Also last year, Canon welcomed Zion And the zillionchildren Abe de la Rosa.

Presenter masked singer He is also the father of the twins Moroccan And the Monroe11 years old, the result of the marriage ended Mariah Carey.

It should also be noted that The rapper’s eleventh child is on his way because Abby de la Rosa is pregnant with the artist again.

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