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Nicki Minaj, Coronary Artery Vaccine |  Nicki Minaj was mocked after a vaccine message on Twitter

Nicki Minaj, Coronary Artery Vaccine | Nicki Minaj was mocked after a vaccine message on Twitter

The rapper will do more research before she can be vaccinated.

Tuesday night was The annual Met Gala held in New YorkHowever, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, all guests have had to follow much more restrictions than in previous years.

Among other things, everyone who attended the party had to be able to show a negative corona test the day before, Wear a sanitary napkin inside and get a full vaccination against the virusAccording to fashion magazine Vogue magazine.

This latter claim led to the absence of rapper Nicki Minaj (38).

We will do more research

On Twitter, Minaj came out on Monday and shared why she didn’t attend the annual gala.

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“They want you to be vaccinated for the Met Gala. If you get vaccinated, it’s not for it. It would be because I’ve done enough research. I’m working on it now. In the meantime: Take care of yourself. Use a face mask that sticks well to the face, not a mask.” loose »The rapper wrote in a Twitter post.

Moreover, she wrote a rather strange letter, in which she claimed, among other things, that a friend of her cousin had become impotent after the vaccination.

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Therefore, Minaj is no stranger to taking the vaccine, but he wants to investigate it further. She also writes in a post that she is likely to take it to be able to do her job and go on a world tour in the future.

sarcasm on twitter

Minaj’s post did not go unnoticed, and although she receives a lot of support, many have criticized the statements.

The criticism is not that she doesn’t want to be vaccinated yet, but about the side effects she claims may occur. Among those suffering severely are the local health authorities in Sydney.

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In a Twitter post, they wrote that they promised to leave rap for Minaj if she left the medical profession to doctors.

The post shows an image listing the most common side effects of vaccines, while alongside them they shared a photo of Minaj’s tweet about his impotent cousin’s friend with the text: “This is what Not It happens after the COVID-19 vaccination.”

responds to criticism

However, Sydney health authorities are not the only ones to take Minaj’s comments.

The choice to drop the Met party due to vaccine requirements was written into the media around the world, something Minaj herself noted. In a number of posts on Twitter, she defended the elections.

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The rapper believed, among other things, that he had been misunderstood.

“Please tell me where you said I was ‘worried’ about something.”, writes for a screenshot of an article explaining that she is concerned about swollen testicles as a result of the vaccine.

“I’m glad to see how the media really works”Minaj continues.

Furthermore, she shared several posts where she got support from fans, and again indicated that she just wanted to do more research.