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Atak na siedzibę sanepidu w Zamościu nastąpił po wylewie hejtu w internecie - powiedział w Zamościu minister zdrowia Adam Niedzielski. Mamy do czynienia z aktem terroru - dodał.

Nietzsche: This is a terrorist act. PLN for information on the culprit of the fire at Sanepid in 10 thousand Zamość

The attack on the headquarters of the Center for Health and Epidemiology in Zamo took place after a scuffle on the Internet – said Zamo Health Minister Adam Nidzilsky. We are dealing with a terrorist act – he added.

In Jamos, an unknown criminal set fire to the vaccination site and the Sanofit building.

A spokesman for the provincial police commander in Lublin said Commander Andrzej Fijosek. The fire lasted from Sunday to Monday. First A fire broke out at the mobile vaccination site, Located at the salt market in Zamość, then In the building of the Bowiet Health and Epidemiology Center Peowiaków Street. According to preliminary findings, the culprit broke a glass in the basement and set it on fire inside. Flijołek said.

He said no one was injured in the blaze.

Police are searching for the man who set the fire. Records were protected from municipal surveillance. As reported by Fijosek, According to initial findings from the police, the culprit may have been a person who escaped before services arrived, while cycling. We request that any witness send information to the police, which can be done anonymously – Spokesman pointed out.

Health Minister Adam Nidzeilsky announced that the person who helps find the culprit who set fire to Zamo will receive PLN 10,000. PLN Gifts.

Those who instigated this crime will surely know that this is not just an attack on the container behind me, but an attack on the Polish state. – he said. “This is an attack on our immune system in the fight against Govt-19,” he added.

There is basically no other word, no expression other than saying it We are dealing with a terrorist act – He insisted.

The head of the health ministry said the attack on the health inspector’s headquarters was carried out after the internet hate. According to him, social media is dominated by the anti-vaccine community.

We are dealing with a fake news campaign, slander campaign, lies aired on air. Discussing them, which is in principle impossible with so much information, did not lead to a complete debate, but more and more slander, more and more seriousness, led to aggression on the network – he said.

Nidgeilsky announced that the person who helps find the culprit in the fire in Zamo will receive PLN 10,000. PLN Gifts.

According to Nietzschevsky, another phase of aggression took place on July 25, which took the form of physical violence against vaccine points and the people defending the vaccination point in Krodsk Masoviki.

They tried to enter the vaccination site. Nidzilsky: It must be tainted

The Prime Minister was speaking with the Police Commander-in-General at a press conference on Monday at the Mobile Vaccine Center and the Health Inspectorate Headquarters (Lubelsky) in Zamo. Jarosyav Simsik. The KGB leader later said the arson case was being handled by a special operational and investigative team.

We have secured surveillance. We are taking very serious steps aimed at personalizing, identifying and arresting the perpetrator of this most shocking robbery. – Added.

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