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Nike é outra grande empresa que planeja investir pesado no metaverso

Nike is another big company that plans to invest heavily in the metaverse

after, after Facebook adMost tech giants seem to have gone all out for an idea Metaverso (Metaverse). curiously, Another company planning to enter this virtual world is Nike.

According to documents released on Tuesday (02) by CNBC portal, I applied for seven patents different from the United States, They all involve online content and the Metaverse.

The text explains the intention in Marketing of virtual items related to the Nike brand, As well as sub-brands. Patent applications refer to popular slogans such as “Just Do It” as well as the “Air Jordan” and “Jumpman” logos and the traditional company symbol.

Dive deep into the virtual universe

According to Josh Gerben, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property, Nike protects its brand for the coming new era. Although no comments were released, sources linked to Nike said, the transition to the virtual world is among the current priorities, so many other items should be registered or released soon, according to a CNBC report.

Something that gives more weight to this statement It is a fact that Nike is hiring professionals for the position of shoe designer with virtual materials As well as for the default design in general.

Continue after the announcement

The job description was published on October 23, showing that the company is building a team focused on Ignite a digital and virtual revolution within Nike.

Gerbin highlights a There is a good chance that Nike will start selling virtual items soon, such as hats and sneakers, and transfer their presence and brand to the computer world as well. In the words of the expert, in addition to protecting its properties, Nike can bring more brand value.

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Air Jordan M Fortnite

It’s not the first time for Nike

A CNBC report confirmed that this This is not the first time that Nike has plunged into the internet world.. Long before the Metaverse, the company participated in virtual events, such as partnering with battle royale fortniteSell ​​Air Jordan shoes in digital form.

Another example is an idea Crypto Kicks, registered in April 2019. It proposes a bridge between real and virtual sneakers, turning them into marketable NFTs. The application for registration is still under review.

currently , Nike is valued at more than $265 billion, a value that can grow even more with NFTs and with an online presence, to trade virtual items.


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via: CNBC Source: nike jobs