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Nikolai Ram: - Refuses to help "Maskurama"

Nikolai Ram: – Refuses to help “Maskurama”

Now approaching “Maskurama”-show with storm steps, and Nikolai Ram (32) He is one of those who stay in the detective board and have to guess who’s behind the masks.

Although NRK’s ​​profile is still off paternity leave, he’ll still be on the board every Saturday from now on, at the same time he’ll tackle the role of father.

In February, the 32-year-old said he and fiancée Josephine Lynn Granley, 32, had received… his first child. The little boy was named Axel.

– There was a lot of work, so there was not much time with him. Dagbladet’s new dad said at the time that I was looking forward to going on vacation in a month – after which he and I would be for several months.

Disclosures: The characters were revealed in the popular song show “Maskorama”. Video: NRK. Reporter: Julie Tran and Christina H. Cornelius
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– Totally crazy

On Tuesday’s episode of the podcast red carpet Ram guest. There he talks about the upcoming season of NRK’s ​​success, and what the father’s life will be like in the future.

When asked what he thought of the upcoming premiere, he didn’t hold back:

– I’m so ready, it’s going to be absolutely insane. This time we will have more than a thousand people in the studio. Last year it was just a small puppet theater, where there were only three of us on board, Selji and some weird costumes on stage.

– Now it’s going to be a real party. He adds that the hall is now full of people in a large hall.

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What would going from zero to A look like for you as judges? antiquities red carpetHost Jonas Shee Hammer.

well hidden: Last year’s “Maskorama” season was a huge success. But it was not easy to identify all the hints. Photo: NRK
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– We’ll have a complete hyper-ignition. Maybe I’ll kiss Jean Thomas on the mouth and lose him completely, NRK’s ​​profile answers with a laugh.

However, Ram does not hide the fact that the father’s role will be a bit different now that the program has started.

– I’ll be a father from Monday to Friday. There will also be a “Maskorama” frame on Saturdays, but I’ll be taking paternity leave until Christmas, he says.


In the podcast episode, Ram also managed to reveal who he wants to see behind a mask in NRK’s ​​success.

I think it would have been great with Stig Van Eijk. It would also have been fun with Frod Berg, the Russian spy, and Winch from Good Morning Norway, he admits.

When asked if there was anyone who wouldn’t want to see him on the TV show, Ram replied:

– There were some regulars actually, so maybe avoid the worst of the classics. I had nothing to do with acting, so I know there are some of them out there. But it could have been fun with some real originals and classics.

YOUNG STAR: Stig Van Eijk was Norway's hope at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with a song

YOUNG STAR: Stig Van Eijk was Norway’s hope at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with “Living My Life Without You”. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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Meanwhile, Ram denies using the anonymous Jodel app as an assistant in last year’s season of “Maskorama”.

– The names registered in Jodel are also mentioned by you. How do you explain that? asks “Red Carpet” host Shee Hammer.

Viking: Morten Harkett turns out to be the “Vikings” in the British version of “Maskurama”, “Tha a Masked Singer”. Video: ITV
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– It’s actually quite a coincidence, because I no longer have Yodel. I deleted this app a long time ago. So it’s probably just because I and people are in sync. I don’t need tips to get to the names I put. answers, so I can deny that it was used as an aid.