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Nine dead and 44 wounded in an Israeli air strike on Gaza - VG

Nine dead and 44 wounded in an Israeli air strike on Gaza – VG

After the Israeli air attack on Gaza on Friday afternoon, there will be rocket attacks on several cities in southern Israel on Friday evening.


On Friday afternoon, Israel launched air strikes on Gaza. At least nine people were killed in the attack, local health authorities were quoted by Reuters as saying.

44 people were injured.

The Islamic Jihad group said after the attack that it might attack several cities in Israel in response.

The army said that attacks resumed that night in several places in the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, images broadcast by Israeli television showed that Israeli air defenses had shot down at least two missiles from Gaza.

Times of Israel The Iron Dome missile defense system is reported to be attempting to shoot down rockets coming from Gaza.

The alleged missile attack occurred just hours after the air attack on Gaza.

kill the leader

Taysir al-Jabari, the leader of Islamic Jihad, is among those killed after the attack on Gaza.

After the attack, the Israeli military wrote on Twitter that Jabari was one of the targets.

– The Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, said that the aim of this attack was to eliminate concrete threats against the citizens of Israel and civilians living in the Gaza Strip.

The attack: Firefighters and rescue workers work to put out a fire after the Israeli air strike on Gaza.

Explosions sound

Hospitals are said to have raised their level of readiness after the attack on Gaza, According to the island.

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The Israeli military tweeted that a “special status” had been announced. According to them, the raid took place against the background of “direct threats” from the Islamic Jihad movement.

The alleged threats are unknown.

Gaza: At least 40 people were said to have been injured after the attack.

Reuters also quoted eyewitnesses who heard explosions in Gaza. According to the NTB, smoke must have been rising from the seventh floor of a high-rise building.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited areas near Gaza on Friday.

According to the island He is said to have said that the authorities were “preparing to take measures that would remove the threat from the area”. Gantz did not explain what he meant by this.

More wars

The attacks come after several days of tension following the arrest of a senior militia member from Islamic Jihad. It happened in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

Since then, Israel has closed the roads around the Gaza Strip and sent military reinforcements to the border area for fear of an attack by the “Islamic Jihad”.

Israel and Hamas have fought four wars and a number of small battles in the 15 years since the Islamist movement Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Holy War was also active in the fighting and frequently fired rockets into Israel from the enclave of two million people.