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Grottekollaps i Brasil

Nine firefighters killed in cave collapse in Brazil – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

The local fire brigade reported that seven men and two women were killed when the cave’s roof collapsed and they were arrested inside. Twitter.

The newspaper reported that only one of the ten who were trapped in the collapsed cave survived Oglobo.

The accident occurred when a group of 26 civilian firefighters took part in a training mission in a cave near Altinópolis, 300 kilometers north of São Paulo. They had to practice cave rescue at Duis Buca Cave.

Difficult rescue work

Significant resources were involved in the rescue, but heavy rains and the threat of new avalanches made the work difficult.

Many people are missing for a long time. At about 19:00 local time, the fire brigade announced that everyone had been evacuated. Only one of the ten missing was rescued alive.

It was difficult for the rescuers to reach the distant cave.

Photo: Sao Paulo Police/AFP

Many of those injured in the landslide were taken to hospital due to fractures and severe chills. Everyone should have been discharged from the hospital on Sunday, except for the person who is hospitalized in the emergency department.

The entrance is collapsing

The mother of one of the exercise participants said the group had planned to be in the cave all night.

– What happened is that the entrance to the city they were in collapsed. She said I’m desperate Globo News.

Altinópolis is famous for its caves, which attract many tourists to the city every quarter.

The city’s mayor, Jose Roberto Veracin Márquez, declared three days of national mourning after the incident.

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