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Nintendo outperforms Sony and is the company that sells gaming consoles faster, according to research

Nintendo outperforms Sony and is the company that sells gaming consoles faster, according to research

With 92.87 million consoles delivered in the last 4 yearsOh Nintendo Switch It became the fastest selling video game in history. The device has held an average of 22 million copies sold annually since its launch in March 2017, surpassing strong industry names such as Playstation 4. Second on the list is also a console from the Mario company: the Nintendo DS has, on average, sold more than 17 million units a year in production.

Figures show that Switch sales average over four years, by up to twice as much, as marketing for new products. Xbox Series X NS PlayStation 5 during launch. Microsoft’s most powerful device sold about 9 million units in one year, while Sony Delivered about 13 million consoles.

The data was obtained from corporate financial reports and analysis by experts from the next day delivery site. The site studied game hardware sales over the time in which they were produced, based on reports and financial estimates in the case of Microsoft, which failed to reveal the number of hardware sales.

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The success of the Switch can be explained by several reasons. The video game reached the market without new competitors, during the last generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Machine nintendo still benefit semiconductor crisis, which hindered stock PS5 and Xbox Series maintenance at launch.

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A portion of Switch sales occurred in 2020, when console sales increased 122% in the UK during the covid-19 pandemic. The Nintendo Switch still has the revolutionary factor. The video game is the world’s first hybrid model, which can be played in portable mode and connected to a TV. Below is a list of units sold by major video game console years in history:

Control unit Units Sold (in millions) years in production Average sales per year of production (in millions)
Nintendo Switch 90,54 4 22,64
Nintendo DS 154.9 9 17.21
Playstation 4 116.44 8 14.56
PlayStation 5 13.4 1 13.4
Playstation 2 157.68 12 13.14
Play station 3 87.41 9 9.71
wi 101.64 11 9.24
Game Boy Advance 81.51 9 9.06
Xbox Series X 9 1 9
Play Station 102.5 12 8.54
game boy 118.69 14 8.48
Nintendo 3DS 75.94 9 8.44
PlayStation Portable 81.09 10 8.11
Xbox 360 85.8 11 7.80
Xbox One 50.37 8 6.30
Nintendo 64 32.93 6 5.49
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 49.1 13 3.78
cube game 21.74 6 3.62
Nintendo Entertainment System 61.91 18 3.44
Xbox (original) 24.65 8 3.08
Sega Genesis 29.54 11 2.69
Atari 2600 27.64 16 1.73

Nintendo ranks first and second on the list, and the DS comes in at number two. Selling over 154 million units in nine years from 2004 to 2013, the DS has been praised for its portability and large game collection. Several variants of the handheld console have been released over the course of its life, including the DSi and DS Lite.

Like the Nintendo Switch, the DS acquired various models during its production time (Image: Press Release/Nintendo)

The list is also great news for PlayStation fans, with five different console generations out of the 10 listed. The PlayStation 4 ranks third, with 116 million units sold since its launch in late 2013. Compared to its main competitor, the PS4 has sold more than twice as many Xbox One units as Microsoft.

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It is worth noting that some of the sales figures are estimates made by the survey. While Nintendo and Sony frequently disclose the units sold for their consoles, Microsoft prefers not to disclose this data.

Source: Next day delivery