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Nintendo Switch Pro is appearing on Amazon's list and may be arriving soon

Nintendo Switch expected to lead console sales in 2022, say analysts

This year, which is just beginning, has already been marked by the usual forecasts of analysts. This time the focus is on the field of video games, specifically in terms of consoles.

Thus, according to experts, Nintendo should lead console sales in 2022, even with a slight dip due to the end of the Switch cycle.

Nintendo is expected to lead console sales this year

As a rule, the gaming site gaming industry At the beginning of the years, some market analysts gather in this segment to make some forecasts for the year starting now. According to their ratings details, the Nintendo Switch is expected to continue to dominate gaming console sales, even if the market maintains some sales numbers similar to those introduced in 2021 between Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

According to Pierce Harding Rolls, an analyst at amp analysis, 2022 should maintain the number of console sales as it was introduced in 2021. In addition, the expert expects Nintendo Switch sales to decline after "Two incredible US consoles".says the analyst."However, the Nintendo family of devices will once again become the best seller in 2022 with around 21 million units sold, due to the launch of OLED switch".

In addition, Pierce does not believe that the Japanese brand will release a Pro version of the Switch within this year. On the other hand, he understands that the brand is the successor to the hybrid console two years from now, in the year 2024, when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be in the middle of their lifecycle. The analyst expects the PS5 and Xbox Series line together to sell about 28 million units, despite the fact that Sony gear is topping, even with a lack of inventory expected to remain.

Analyst Serkan Tutu from kantan games, though Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from Switch"It continues to sell very wellMario Kart 9 will already be in full development and should be introduced by Nintendo later this year. He also believes that the brand will launch games for smartphones again. As for Xbox, Toto says Microsoft will invest more this year in Japan. Also, 2022 will feature fewer game delays.

In turn, Matt Piscatella, from NPD . group, does not agree with this view and states that "The challenges that the pandemic brings will continue to affect the production of content, as well as the production of hardware and accessories. I hope the release dates are more rare“Moreover, Piscatella also sees the Nintendo Switch going to be the best-seller of 2022, even if there is some downside due to the end of its life cycle.

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