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Nintendo Switch OLED is not a Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch OLED is not a Nintendo Switch Pro

Earlier last week, Nintendo surprised fans on the one hand by announcing a new Switch model, but on the other hand disappointed others by not including the technical aspects of the long-awaited Switch Pro.

For now, the question remains: Is the Nintendo Switch OLED the Nintendo Switch Pro that the various rumors have been talking about?

According to recent rumors, the Switch Pro is still in Nintendo’s plans, with an upgrade due to 4K. One of the rumors comes from Jeff Grubb, an industry insider known for several leaks in the past, who hints that the Nintendo Switch OLED is not a Nintendo Switch Pro.

Grob wrote the following on Twitter:

Personally, I’ve only heard that the Switch Pro will arrive in 2022. And if it does, I’ll continue to speculate that it will have 4K, and more efficient graphics with DLSS. Does anyone think this is the latest Switch model, coming from the company that released six 3DS models“?

More about the new model: “Stay with the normal switch” if you don’t mind the OLED screen

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