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Nintendo Switch Pro is appearing on Amazon's list and may be arriving soon

Nintendo Switch Pro is appearing on Amazon’s list and may be arriving soon

As we’ve mentioned here several times, the Nintendo Switch is the most popular video game console in the world. Recent data even indicates that the equipment managed to sell More than PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S combined In the first quarter.

Now there seem to be more surprises, as the Nintendo Switch Pro is now featured on Amazon’s list. That way, the new console of the Japanese brand will likely hit shelves soon.

Is Nintendo Switch Pro coming?

According to the latest information, the name Nintendo Switch Pro has been spotted on Amazon's listing. The discovery was shared on the user's Twitter account Embed a Tweet, But the Amazon page containing the information has already been removed.

As we can see from the image, the information is referring to "New Nintendo Switch Pro". However, the page doesn't provide much information. According to the tweet, this was a page on Amazon Mexico.

Hence, it may soon be possible to release an improved version of the Switch, with a stronger structure and better graphics.

This information follows some rumors that indicate a new Nintendo system is about to arrive. Additionally, it is suspected that the rendition may take place even before the game's event E3 2021, Which starts on June 12.

Some sources indicate that the novelty will be officially revealed in the coming days. However, the new console will only be able to hit shelves in September.

The Professional version is expected to replace the classic model. According to rumors, this new console will have an OLED HD (720p) display with 4K support. It is also suspected that, like the Switch, the equipment will bring Nvidia hardware, with DSLL technology already.

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For now, the Japanese company has yet to confirm its E3 presence coordination. However, Nintendo Direct is expected to hold, i.e. pre-recorded event with all the news.