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Nintendo: “We have a great relationship with Microsoft” –

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Among the many documents leaked from Microsoft last month was a letter in which Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed his interest in buying Nintendo, something he believes would be beneficial for both companies.

Some people have wondered what Nintendo’s response to this will be, and now we have an answer. Nintendo President Doug Bowser was recently interviewed by inverseThis issue came to light. Bowser explained that this generation was good for both Microsoft and Nintendo, as they worked together on several things:

“We have a great relationship with Microsoft. We see them as partners in a lot of ways, and you only have to look at Nintendo Switch to see that partnership. Minecraft is obviously on Nintendo Switch, and we brought Banjo Kazooie to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. So we’re looking forward to To continue this partnership.”

Regarding Spencer’s message, Bowser adds that acquisitions and mergers have almost always happened, and adds that new studios ensure the industry stays fresh:

“In terms of consolidation in the industry, I’ve been part of the industry for over 16 years. The one thing that’s been constant is the acquisition of studios. But the other constant is the fact that new studios are coming up every year. Studios are incredibly creative. People create content, starting with From indie sized games to AAA sized games.”

Before Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, it also struck a deal with Nintendo and promised that Call of Duty and more would be coming to Nintendo formats in the future. This is in addition to several other Switch versions of Xbox games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Minecraft Dungeons, and Goldeneye 007 (a game that Nintendo owns the rights to) for Switch and Xbox, which makes it seem like Bowser is right when he says they are “Partners in many, many ways.”

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