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No casualties when a missile hit a Norwegian ship in the Red Sea

No casualties when a missile hit a Norwegian ship in the Red Sea

According to Reuters, the US Navy ship Mason arrived at the scene.

The incident occurred about 60 nautical miles north of the Bab al-Mandab Strait, according to a US official.

Shipping company in Bergen

Strinda It is a chemical tanker owned by Bergen-based J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi. The ship is just over 144 meters long and just over 24 meters wide.

The shipping company confirms to NTB that one of its ships was hit by a missile in the Red Sea.

– No one on board was harmed. Managing director Geir Belsnes wrote in a letter that the ship was on its way to a safe port for its own engine.

to Bergens Tidendi The shipping company states that the crew of 22 are all from India. Belsnes himself had not been in contact with them, but stated that he had received reports from the company managing the ship.

The shipping company warns in a press release about the incident.

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Fire on board

The US Central Command for the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia also confirms that the incident occurred, and at the same time indicates that the missile was launched by the Houthi militia, according to Reuters.

The attack occurred around 4pm on Monday, US time, or 10pm Norwegian time. According to the main command, it is an anti-ship cruise missile.

Strinda reported injuries that led to a fire on board, but no one was injured or killed at that time. it’s called.

Warning Israel

The Houthi militia is pursuing international shipping as part of the regional conflict arising from the war between Hamas and Israel. The movement announced on Saturday that all ships heading to Israel are targets, regardless of their nationality. At the same time, the militia warned all international shipping companies of the consequences of dealing with Israeli ports.

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According to the website, it was Strinda Marine traffic En route from Tanjung Langsat port in Malaysia. Geir Belsnes informed BT that it was on its way to Italy with raw materials for biofuel production. He does not want to say where he is heading now, but rather, to a safe haven.