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Bilde er fra en video som ble filmet 26. april 2020, med tillatelse fra det amerikanske forsvarsdepartementet, viser en uidentifisert objekt. Video er filmet av marinepiloter.

No clear answers in US UFO report – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

On Friday, the US government released a report containing its findings on a number of UFO cases.

They investigated several video recordings the military had made of supersonic objects. (Speed ​​greater than the speed of sound). Some of them wandered and suddenly disappeared.

the report He concluded that there was no evidence that what were described as unexplained or unidentified atmospheric phenomena might be dishes. But they can’t either Rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial beings.

Between 2004 and 2021, 144 observations described as unknown atmospheric phenomena were made. Only one case can be interpreted as a large punctured balloon.

The rest of the cases were not classified due to lack of information. Among them are three illustrated notes, which the Department of Defense downgraded and published in recent years.

18 of the observations in the report have “unusual” movement patterns in the air.

An American F-18 body was filmed that they can’t explain.

There are no clear indications

Investigators who investigated these 144 cases did not find “clear indications” that the observations show signs of life outside the world, or that there may be new, unknown technology from countries such as China and Russia.

“We don’t have clear data that could indicate that this is new technology from a potential attacker,” a senior official told Reuters.

In the future, the Ministry will prepare a new strategy for collecting and tracking information on potential observations.

Part of Trump’s coronation package

When former President Donald Trump signed a $2.3 trillion crisis package to help the United States hit hard by the coronavirus, they found that the bill wasn’t just about the pandemic.

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It also included a well hidden order for the army and intelligence.

They had another 180 days to inform Congress About what they knew about “unknown atmospheric phenomena”.