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Two weeks before the elections in Sweden on September 11, the prime minister is facing the country’s problem with criminals sweeping through certain regions.

A father was found in the Urbi district of Eskilstuna His four-year-old son was injured in his mother’s arms after he ran outside when he heard several gunshots on Friday night.

How can we live in a place where children are at risk of being shot in the playground? The father says, “There is no security anymore.” today’s news.

The son suffered a reflux in the stomach, and a woman in the stadium was shot. The boy was bandaged in the hospital, and after two hours the family was allowed to go home.

We can confirm that they were most likely not the target, police said at a news conference on Saturday.

– He’s the culprit who was completely reckless, at a time when there were people around, say the police.

The shooting took place in an area with many apartment buildings, and thus a playground.

Eskilstuna is located about ten miles west of Stockholm. The city has a population of over 100,000 and faces problems of violence in several areas.

19 areas most affected

in police report As of October last year, Swedish police said she is 61 years old “at risk areas” In Sweden.

3 out of 61 districts are located in Eskilstuna. But other than that, the problem is widespread in several parts of southern Sweden, with heavyweights in and around Stockholm. At-risk areas are geographically defined areas of low socioeconomic status, where criminals have an impact on the local community.

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The police divide the 61 problem areas into three categories. The number of “particularly vulnerable areas” is 19. Which areas have the greatest criminal impact.

These areas are described as “difficult or nearly impossible” for the police to carry out their mission. The situation is acute.

Arguments about the problem of violence

then Democratic Socialists Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson presented his election manifesto next Thursday, according to a report SVT:

– It is a problem that we can give any amount, for example, to municipalities led by Moderaterna, which ignore risk reports in areas at risk.

Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson held a press conference on Saturday in Eskilstuna.

Photo: Kristen Olson/TT/NTB

The Moderates are the country’s second largest party in terms of mandate in the Swedish Parliament. On Saturday, several party leaders visited Eskilstuna. Among them was also the Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson (Social Democrats) and Ulf Christerson are moderates.

Christerson believes that the state has lost control and that the current government has failed to reverse the trend of violence.

Eskilstuna, Sweden 20220827. Ulf Christerson visits the Urbi residential area of ​​Eskilstuna, where a shooting took place in a stadium on Friday evening.  Photo: Per Karlsson/TT/NTB

Ulf Christerson at the crime scene. He grew up not far.

Photo: Per Karlsson/TT/NTB

say to Gutenberg Post The formation of a new government is a prerequisite for breaking the cycle of violence.

– A new government will pursue these people until they are imprisoned or expelled from the country, relentlessly and mercilessly. Christerson tells the newspaper that these gangs should leave Sweden.

Blame it on demographics

Prime Minister Anderson is confronted with his own statements that moderates are turning a blind eye.

SVT’s Uppdrag granskning group has investigated how development occurs in problem areas – and which political party rules there.

The municipalities led by Moderaterna have much more positive areas of development than the areas of the Prime Minister’s Social Democrats, as the Uppdrag Granskning maps show.

21 regions witnessed a positive development. 18 of them are in municipalities under the control of Moderaterna.

Eskilstuna, Sweden 20220827. Christian Democrats leader Ebba Bosch (KD) and party legal policy spokesman Andreas Karlsson visit the Urbi residential area of ​​Eskilstuna where a shooting took place in a stadium Friday evening.  Photo: Kristen Olson/TT/NTB

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Bush and party legal policy spokesman Andreas Karlsson visit the Urbi residential area of ​​Eskilstuna on Saturday.

Photo: Kristen Olson/TT/NTB

Magdalena Andersson now says that in her statement she was primarily referring to the city of Stockholm, and she believes that the voting pattern leads to greater problems in cities where the Social Democrats rule.

On average, the municipalities led by Moderaterna are likely to have better conditions than those led by the Social Democrats. This is what the voting pattern looks like, says the prime minister.

We are not a zoo

Eskilstuna Mayor Jimmy Jansson, who represents the Social Democrats, is frustrated with the situation with the shooting in Eskilstuna. But he is highly critical of his colleagues who visited the city on Saturday.

– We are not a zoo, not a safari you can go to and see when things go wrong. I expect the Swedish parliament to start representation and do it jointly, says Jansson SVT.