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"No one curses Nono..."

“No one curses Nono…”

The morning of Saturday the second of April began with a small skirmish between Marco Costa and Bernardo Sousa, in “The Famous Big Brother”.

In recent days, some competitors have noticed that Nuno Graciano spends most of his time sleeping and has come back to comment on the matter, in the garden.

However, Bernardo Sousa joined the conversation and ‘jokingly’: “Look, you guys are swearing at Nuno but he’s already there, he’s already prepared everything, he’s already taken things out of confession, he’s already making the bed”.

Fernando Semedo did not like the pilot’s intervention and corrected: “We don’t curse. Nobody talks badly, listen, don’t say it. Then they are misunderstood.”.

“They were, they were. They burn the sleeping man. I’m kidding, calm down, calm down. Damn. Calm down man, the boys fucked” Bernardo Sousa’s shot.

Marco Costa was also shocked and clarified: “Everything said here, said there. It would be bad if you had to talk about something you didn’t tell at home, everything that was said here we already told. Imagine someone lives and suddenly you talk badly about Nono. We don’t.”.

“Do you understand or not? This is just for the sake of it. There are things that need to be said in context. No one is talking about Nono, you have to be careful.” – pointed out.

Watch the moment here.

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