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"No one deserves that much pain."  Public figures send support to Tony Carrera

“No one deserves that much pain.” Public figures send support to Tony Carrera

cThe wave of support for Tony Carrera is mounting on social networks. The 57-year-old musician is currently hospitalized at Hospital de Faro, Algarve, after heart problems, according to the press, May lead to myocardial infarction.

Through a publicly shared release, Musical team confirms Tony is ‘under arrest’ It guarantees the stability of your country.

Dolores Aveiro He was one of the first public figures to send a letter to his friend. On live TVI 24, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother made a request to Tony Carrera.

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For her part, Katia Aveiro regretted what Tony took to the hospital from a state of health panic, and dedicated to him words of strength, affection and faith.

“Dear Friend, I know words will be few to give you strength and realize how much pain you carry in your chest but you have so many people who love you And who wants to see the singer of our dreams go down the road (even if it takes a long time) and give us what you love to do so much. The stages await you, my friend, “You begin by reading the message of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister.

“I love you and your family so much and you know it so well. I wanted to ask whoever wants to see you well at least to guide love and pray so that you remain resolute and strong in this struggle that is life. I already know you I am stable thanks to God but I will sleep with your idea and talk to God and the words that you I will say it addressed to you from the bottom of my heart and with my humble but strong faith for better days.”

This was followed by an emotional message from Claudio RamosWho asked his friend not to lose his strength.

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In turn, the musician Jose Alberto Reyes He said: No one deserves all this pain! I wish you a speedy recovery, Tony.

Previously Elma Aveiro, a close friend of the Carrera family, is devastated by the news but is full of faith in Tony’s recovery.

“Come on, my dear friend. We are always here for you. Faith that everything will be fine,” he announced after deciding to delete a newspaper in which he expressed his anger at what happened to his friend.

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