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Pedro Mourinho revela quanto ganham os jornalistas para ir para a guerra na Ucrânia: “Ninguém vai para lá para enriquecer…”

“No one goes there to get rich…”

Pedro Mourinho was one of the faces who attended TVI’s celebrations in São Joao do Porto. During the party, the journalist made some statements to reporters and ended up remembering the days he covered the war in Ukraine.

in statements 7 days tv magazine, Pedro Mourinho recalls the difficult moments he experienced while covering the war in Ukraine: Every night we heard explosions. It was very severe. Nuno and I live in situations that we haven’t talked about, but that remain in our memories. There will be times to talk about. But our lives are in danger.” open.

Following up on this topic, the journalist talked about the false news that emerged about the value that a war journalist can earn: Rumors surfaced on social media that journalists were making a fuss. This is completely wrong. This is neither a criticism nor a complaint. It’s what gets paid. We have a sense of mission and that is why we go there, but in Ukraine we receive as much as we do in Badajoz.” explained.

TVI pivot ended up revealing the exact amount they received while in Ukraine: “It’s the per diem, 89 euros, and the night’s accommodation, 30. That would be the case in RTP, SIC and TVI. Nobody goes there to enrich themselves, but to tell what they are watching, to do the best work possible, in a very strong mission spirit for their channel, their profession, And nothing else.”shot.

At the end of the conversation, Pedro Mourinho revealed that he intends to return to Ukraine later this year: “I’m not going tomorrow, but I feel like I’m still going back to Ukraine this year. I’m quite sure. Not now, because the war is in a complex phase, in a stalemate, it is not the time to go back, but it is important to keep the coverage of the war alive so that it does not fall into oblivion.“.

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