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No one in the world has listened like her.  Director Sofia Saldana passed away at the age of 47

No one in the world has listened like her. Director Sofia Saldana passed away at the age of 47

Radio presenter Sofia Saldana, from Braga, died on Sunday. He was 47 years old and had been the victim of a long-term illness.

I worked in antenna 2 His audio documentaries are a radio reference in Portugal.

Public Broadcasting announced, in his honor, that antenna 2 On Monday at 19:00 he transmits an excerpt from one of his works – Lisbon Fernando Pessoa🇧🇷

In a statement, the antenna 2 Sofia Saldan recalled her as a professional who “captured and made the voices of the world and people (…) and then brought them back to us in sensitive and intelligent documentaries, where we saw and heard, in the dark and listened, the voices and footsteps of poets like Fernando Pessoa or Miguel Torga”.

“Sofia was a sound author, a sound artist. Her audio documentaries, groundbreaking and innovative, are considered a radio reference in Portugal, intersecting poetics, documentaries and fiction,” notes Antena 2.

Born in Braga in 1975, Sofia Saldanha started working in radio in 1992, when she was still in high school. For 15 years he was one of the voices of Rádio Universitária do Minho.

Completed a master’s degree in broadcasting Goldsmiths College, University of Londonin the United Kingdom and the depth of his experience as a documentary filmmaker in Salt Institute for Documentary Studiesin the United States of America (USA).

has won Best New Artist Award In the Third Coast International Sound Festival (USA, 2010), for awards at Prix ​​Europa – European Broadcasting Festival (Germany, 2019), HearSay Award – HearSay International Festival of Vocal Arts (Ireland, 2019), Prix ​​Marulić – International Radio Festival (Croatia, 2020), Silver Award in the category Short samples from Prix Marulić – International Radio Festival 2021 (Croatia).

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His audio documentaries have been broadcast on radio antenna 2🇧🇷 BBC Radio 4 And on countless American radio channels.

Merge in the dark, an association founded in London in 2010, is dedicated to the dissemination of innovative audio documentaries, and regularly organizes audio hearings in the dark in public spaces. In 2018, he created in the dark Lisbon.

Sofia has been a member of the Sindicato de Poesia, a cultural association that has been working since October 1996 with the performative work of reciting poetry.