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No Rest for the Wicked is the latest game from the people responsible for the Ori series

No Rest for the Wicked is the latest game from the people responsible for the Ori series

Special Distribution and Moon Studios, responsible for Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, have announced the RPG No Rest for the Wicked for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam). It will launch in Early Access on PC in Q1 2024, followed by a full release on all platforms at a later date.

Moon Studios, the award-winning developers of Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, brings you No Rest for the Wicked: a precise, action-packed RPG ready to reinvent the genre.

Year 841 – King Harol dies. As news of his death spreads throughout the kingdom, the crown passes to his son: the arrogant but inexperienced Magnus.

Worse still is the return of the plague, a cursed plague the likes of which has not been seen in a thousand years. It spreads throughout the region, corrupting everything and everyone in its path. Madrigal Selene, a brutally ambitious church leader, sees the epidemic as an opportunity to promote herself in the eyes of her god.

These forces converge on the island of Ínsula Sacra, where rebel groups and the regional government vie for control of the remote island’s decaying ruins.

You are one of the Cerims – a sacred group of mysterious warriors with incredible powers who have sworn to fight the plague at any cost. However, this task will become increasingly difficult as you become involved in the people’s dilemmas and the vast political intrigues of this oppressed land. On your journey to rid these lands of evil and shape the destiny of the kingdom, chaos will come from all sides.

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Main elements:

Brutal and precise combat: Hone your skills through a system that challenges you to fight deliberately and strategically. Fight hideous creatures, enemy soldiers, and ruthless bosses in high-tension combat. Feel the weight and speed of weapons, each with unique usage patterns. Enchant weapons with runes, craft rare armor and build a character according to your playstyle.

The epic and the human epic: Discover an adult and dark story set on the harsh coast of Ínsula Sacra. As cunning leaders and ferocious rebels vie for the throne, an ancient plague spreads across the land, transforming its inhabitants into monstrous versions of themselves.

Handmade world: Explore painting come to life. Enjoy the stunningly beautiful world, meticulously crafted with incredible attention to detail, in a unique and timeless art style. Every frame radiates beauty, from the sunlight spilling over Low Meadows to the sickling shadows of entrails swirling in Nameless Pass. Each new location has its own people, problems, hidden treasures and secrets to uncover.

Temporary relief: Take a city break from Sacramento: buy a property and decorate it to your liking. Fish from the coast, up to the land, and gather ingredients to prepare meals that restore life and improve qualities. Get to know the city’s merchants and diverse residents, and return Sacramento to its past glories.

Online multiplayer: Share your world and progress with up to three friends alongside you in the campaign’s online co-op mode. Every quest, boss and every square meter of Ínsula Sacra is theirs to share with you… or they can go on their own adventures.

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