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No shame or half-truths!  Fernando Mendes reveals his love life with Nacional

No shame or half-truths! Fernando Mendes reveals his love life with Nacional

It has been on the air for approximately 21 years from Monday to Friday. Sometimes live and sometimes through previous recordings of the competition.Right price', from RTP1 has a large number of fans and He is one of the most acclaimed broadcasters in the Portuguese television scene.

Despite all the success and media coverage, FHernando Mendes is very discreet about his privacy. Little is known about his life other than his work in front of television cameras or on stage as an actor. Now the man who was known for saying 'Displays“In his own way, he agreed to make some revelations in addition to those he announced in 2022 when he revealed that his children.”They were both born on the same day, at the same time, to different mothers.

I am single and have two children, she is 37 and he is 31. She works in a telecommunications company and takes an aviation courseHe began by saying in an interview with “Maria” magazine, saying: “It's funny that maybe they were not used to going to the theater like me, at that time with my father, and maybe that's why they followed another life.

Fernando Méndez assumed his position as a grandmother when he praised his children: “They are good and smart boys. My daughter has two beautiful children. So I'm really serious.The actor and presenter on the public station added: “I think I can be more present Because my schedules are different from theirs. In fact, it was always like this when I was with my family too..“And ended with a guarantee:”Every day we talk on the phone. this is important. Since we don't live far from each other, we're together a lot“.

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