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Chorwaccy kibice zatrzymani wczoraj przed meczem Legii są już na wolności i wracają do swojego kraju. Takie informacje przekazała Komenda Stołeczna Policji.

No tickets, but with combat sports equipment. After the stop, Dino fans return to Croatia

Croatian fans who were arrested yesterday before the Legia match are now returning home for free. Such information was provided by the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

The goal Blocking block of nearly 150 Croatian fans Avoiding Kibolskiz action with Legia Warsaw fans. A physical confrontation between the robbers was scheduled to take place yesterday afternoon on the S8 route near Brushkov.

Fans from Croatia flew to Warsaw without tickets to the match, but with martial arts equipment such as boxing gloves or bodyguards. Such a classification was discovered by the authorities on Croatian buses.

Further Police have already received information about a large group of Legia supporters – Reported by RMF FM Rafa Misezhevsky’s journalist. Therefore, it was decided to detain the Dinam fans and return them to safety.

Yesterday at the Legia Stadium, the capital’s footballers played a rematch with the Croatian champions. Dinamo Zagreb lost 0: 1 (0: 1) to the Polish club at home He was eliminated in the third round of the Champions League qualifiers.

Clashes broke out between Day and Legia supporters a week before the first match in Zagreb. Both teams in the Champions League qualifying round.

Croatian journalists later reported that Legia fans had deliberately chosen the Dubrava district in the eastern part of the city.

In the district of Maximir, where the day facility of the same name is located – according to the media – the fans fought.

On the other hand, Internet users reported comments on Croatian portals: “About 200 fans of Dinam and Legia fought in the streets, set fires, destroyed cafes, etc. Fans attacked each other with stones and wires. There are a lot of material loss, broken and damaged things. “

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There is no famine for such very dangerous incidents Combustion throw near gas station.