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Noemia Costa shares her request for help.  "disclose as much as possible"

Noemia Costa shares her request for help. “disclose as much as possible”

“NSI have received this message from a mother. And all mothers want and do the best for their children.” These were the first words of Noémia Costa in a post on her Instagram page, this Saturday, September 25.

The actress received a request for help on social media and made the point to share the message with her followers.

“We will help spread the story of Guerreira Maria Clara. This is neither news about me nor my work, but I sincerely ask you to share it as much as possible. Life only makes sense if we have meaning in life from others. Can I count on you?! Thank you from my heart “, He added, then shared the message he received from little Maria Clara’s mother.

According to Karina Mendes, the mother of the now nine-month-old girl, the baby was diagnosed with “a rare degenerative disease, spinal muscular atrophy type I, on April 19”.

“She’s already taken medication, thank God she reacts well. But the treatments are expensive – children with Spinal Amyotrophy should receive physical therapy every day. We raise as much money as possible to give them all the possible treatments. I’m not asking you to contribute. With money, but with publishing, with the participation of her page. Who knows, your post will not reach the doctor who can give us some hope ”, it can also be read in the message that the actress was sent.

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