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Noemia Costa: The pressures of the kitchen, the similarity to Ljubomir, and the sense of purpose accomplished

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Today, Sunday, October 22, a new episode of the program will be broadcast.Hell’s Kitchen Celebrities‘Determined Eliminate another In the scariest kitchen in the country. After leaving Oh ApolloniThe Blue Team had to say goodbye to another member: Noemia Costa.

In conversation with the site fame show, A SIC representative weighed in on her post, highlighting how she felt “Achieving a goal” By joining the program, he also acknowledged the connection and affection he already felt (and grew) towards the chef Ljubomir Stanisic.

Acceptance of the invitation and the similarities between you and Chef Liubo

Noemia Costa is known for her various types of participation in different television shows, as well as for her strong presence in the theater.To the Prime Minister“Formula reality programs. The artist readily accepted the invitation, although she admitted that she had never “Very skillful“This kind of content.

However, the fact that I had met Chef Stanisic before (I remember his participation in… Comedy series Bosses away‘) Speak louderNoemia felt it best for her to accept the invitation. And about his relationship with Leobo, the diminutive by which he always calls him, The compliments add up!

He was always very nice and kind to me. I think this can be seen and understood,” he began to say, before “defending” what might be known as the chef’s “scarier” side.

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I usually say that while I am acting as an actress, I am playing a character. I have this in common with Lyubomir. As Noemía Costa, I do not represent her. If I don’t like it, say I don’t like it. We are the same in this“, he added.

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He has always been a special person to me, and I have nothing more to say about him. As for the kitchen… he cooks the way he knows how, and I do it according to what I learned from my mother“He said between laughs.

Io Apolloni: Strong personality, passion for cooking, and tribute to Ljubomir Stanisic

Even about the moments of greatest tension in “Hell’s Kitchen,” Noemia Costa is frank: “I didn’t have any problems with that. I don’t have any concerns. Neither one of the front people nor one of the “difficult” people as they usually say. In general, I deal well with difficult people. Because it is still a seal that we put on. What we have to say is that they are people with strong personalities. I think I like it too“, he declares.

However, the actress admits: “Of course, being in a restaurant kitchen is extremely stressful, and I had no idea that was it. But it hurts, and you can see“.

“I really wanted to leave. I don’t like being competitive and playing games.”

Even if you feel thatObjectives achieved“With your participation, that was still the case shortNoemia Costa states that at that point in the program she really felt “Ready to leaveAnd about this, The competitive spirit of the opposing team was also praised.

It was my wish indeed [sair do programa]. Because my idea has always been: “If I’m in a competition, I have to do it to win.”. And I don’t like playing in competitions. So, for me, it didn’t make sense for me to continue“, he began to mention.

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The actress also highlighted without delay: “With that, I just have to tip my hat to the Red Team, because they were about to compete and take things seriously. In addition, if I were not a loyal Benfica fan, I would not be able to wear blue“He said between laughs.

However, SIC’s face ended up admitting that after he was fired, He received a call from Chef Lyubomir in which he expressed his sadness over the actress’s passing.

Lyobo ended up calling me afterward, saying he was very sad that I left. Which I interpreted as very positive. But, here’s the thing, I felt like there, at that point, I couldn’t add more to myself. And I’m someone who has to say things because that’s how I feel. (…) I didn’t want to upset any of my teammates at all, that wasn’t really the point“.

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Relationship with colleagues and closeness to Io Appolloni

“Although slightly”AcceleratesShe lived in the second episode with the actress Claudia SemedoNoemia confirms that she had a good relationship with the entire work team: “I got along well with everyone. Those I’ve already worked with, even those I don’t know yet. It was beautiful“.

However, the actress highlights two names: Name Diogo AmaralWith whom he starred in the TV series “Terra Brava” (in the role of mother to son). Oh Apolloni.

I really like Io, over the years I’ve known her, since my debut. I like her craziness, and I totally get it. It’s my way of life too, which is to never judge…“, highlighted.

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Finally, the actress also said: “All experiences are good, even those that aren’t. They work to make us grow. Ultimately, they end up building us as human beings. This was definitely an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot“.

Clarification on alleged health problems: “It’s a lie”

After dialogue with Show fameNoemia finished commenting on the latest news related to her health condition, and regarding the news circulated by some media outlets about an alleged illness from which she was suffering.

They invented that last week with Joao Baiao (…) I do not suffer from any serious illness. I just did an interview with Barbara Guimarães, and I said I had diabetes. (…) I don’t know who invented it“, he concluded.

(Credits: Sik)

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