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None (2) beat the iPhone 14 Plus in a speed test

None (2) beat the iPhone 14 Plus in a speed test

a none phone (2) It is one of the most unique smartphones on the market in recent weeks.

In addition to its iPhone-like appearance, will it manage to be faster or faster than this? This was the test done by the PhoneBuff team. Find out the results.

The phone (2) did not face the iPhone 14 Plus in the speed test

a nothing This month it introduced the Nothing Phone (2), the second smartphone that represented a major hardware evolution with the integration of Sanpdragon 8+ Gen 1.

In order to understand whether this device is well optimized and whether it is able to extract the maximum from this processor, the file PhoneBuff He ran an app unlock speed test, which brought him head-to-head with a major opponent, the iPhone 14 Plus with the A15 Bionic processor.

This test is performed by a robotic arm that opens a certain number of applications, in the same order and the same tasks on both devices to understand the speed of opening and the ability to keep applications in RAM.

The apps used are Facebook, Starbucks, MS Word, Excel, Camera, Snapseed, Safari/chrome, Subway Surfers, Spotify, Espn, Disney+, Amazon etc, all of which have to be opened and interact with each other, thus opening them all again.

None of the phone (2) beats the iPhone 14 Plus by 6 seconds, which is a residual value, but indicative of the good optimization of this equipment.

In the first cycle, nothing led to the opening of Facebook, Starbucks and MS Word, having subsequently lost some of their advantages in using the camera.

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However, he regained his advantage with Snapseed as it excelled at uploading and processing a high-resolution image.

At the end of the first cycle, with all apps open, nothing totaled 2 minutes 01 seconds, versus 2 minutes 05 seconds for the iPhone 14 Plus.

On the second lap, with all apps opened again, nothing completed 49 seconds versus 51 seconds for the iPhone.

In total, Nothing Phone (2) won this test by 2 minutes 50 seconds versus 2 minutes 56 seconds for the iPhone 14 Plus.

Even with a small difference, the new smartphone did not come out of this test on a positive note, which indicates that it is up to competing with top-end equipment in terms of performance.