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Noronha Lopez dissolves members committee to review articles of association and salutes Benfica-Benfica management

Noronha Lopez dissolves members committee to review articles of association and salutes Benfica-Benfica management

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Former Benfica presidential candidate, Joao Noronha López, announced that Membership Committee Which was created to work on a proposed amendment to the internal regulations of the club. “However, the club’s board of directors has also revealed its desire to move forward with the bylaw review process. I welcome this decision as well as the collective spirit shown by the board in inviting many people from this group of members to join the Al-Nusour election in 2020,” stressed the businessman who ran for the Al-Nusour elections in 2020. “As of today, we are providing the Future Committee with all the work that has been done, which includes a deep reflection on the statutes and general rules of the club,” said Noronha, who announced his support for Francisco Benitez in the elections last October.


Read the statement in full:

“A modification of the statute is fundamental to the future of Sport Lisboa e Benfica. I have always advocated for a change that would introduce more transparency, greater democracy and a modern operating model, yet true to our union traditions. I have been working with a group of members on changing the proposed bylaws. Meanwhile, the club’s board of directors has also expressed its willingness to move forward with the bylaws review process.The bylaws review deserves a thorough, smooth and timely process of discussion and approval in the spirit of unity and in the interest of the club, we have unanimously decided to discontinue our work together.

As of today, we provide the future committee with all the work done, which includes in-depth consideration of the club’s articles of association and general regulations. I thank Antonio Bajao Felix, Joao Loreiro, Carlos Berdigao, Manuel Santos Vitor, Luis Pedro Duarte and Thiago Almeida for their willingness and commitment. I hope that the Bylaws Review Committee will conduct its work independently and critically and that the future project will be based on constructive discussion among all partners. I am convinced that agreeing to renew the laws will be a source of pride for the Benfica family and a step towards turning the page, building a more modern Benfica and more faithful to its union and democratic principles.”

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By Flavio Miguel Silva


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