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Noronha Lopez says Vieira dragged Eusebio's name 'in the mud': 'revealed the worst in himself' - Benfica

Noronha Lopez says Vieira dragged Eusebio’s name ‘in the mud’: ‘revealed the worst in himself’ – Benfica

The former Benfica presidential candidate also asked Rui Costa to “definitely” break with the past

Joao Noronha López strongly condemned the position of Luis Felipe Vieira when he accused the former Benfica president of accusation, lying and defamation in two appearances of the former Benfica president on CMTV and lamented that Vieira had tried to drag Eusebio’s name “into the mud.” During the club’s general meeting, the former candidate to lead the Eagles noted that Rui Costa had not departed “unequivocally” from his predecessor’s legacy and emphasized that the manager had “a new opportunity to break once and for all from the past”.


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“Mr. Vieira has already embarrassed us with his presence in the Council of the Republic, but he has overpowered himself again. Over the course of several hours, and in the two nights celebrated by our competitors, Mr. Vieira attacked, famous and lied. Personal interests come before those of the club. He once again showed that he is not looking for means to protect His image. He revealed, perhaps without realizing, the worst in himself. Benfica fans will never forget the disgusting moment when Mr. Vieira tried to drag with him the greatest symbol of the institution he presided.”

To this extent, the businessman said that “if Mr Vieira’s intention was to settle scores with the incumbent president, it is unfortunate that he did not have the courage to do so in the GA, and the debate in front of the Benfica family”.

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Noronha Lopez then drew attention to Rui Costa and the president’s need to break with the past, recalling what he sees as the president’s failures in the way the leadership change has been managed.

“You have had several occasions to depart unequivocally from Vieira’s legacy. You did not do so with the determination and scope that circumstances require. As long as you let this narrative control you, you risk reality taking over. A hostage of the past we are not proud of. Here, then, is a new opportunity to break away. Definitively about the past. With all the democratic legitimacy of the overwhelming majority of partners who chose him eight months ago,” he said.

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