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Noronha Lopez: 'The worst face of Vierismo is still very present' - Benfica

Noronha Lopez: ‘The worst face of Vierismo is still very present’ – Benfica

Ex-candidate criticizes Benfica election dates set for October 9

Joao Noronha Lopez criticized, this Sunday, the dates related to the Benfica elections scheduled for October 9, stressing that “the worst face of Verismo is still very present” at the club. In a social media post, the presidential candidate on the polls in October last year stated that “the electoral law is not planned with specific tactical elements in light of the sporting results.”

“There are only 30 days left until the elections in Benfica and the conditions under which the campaign and electoral work will take place have not been decided. Let those who think that the departure of Luis Felipe Vieira has restored democratic culture in Benfica must be disappointed. The worst face of Alfieri still exists. Very, in the current direction and in this the head of MAG.An electoral law was not planned with the tactics shown in the light of sporting results and democracy was not fulfilled because a person respected some deadlines without respecting anything else.The club was elected in conditions not befitting our history and values A year later, with a president declaring the start of a new era of transparency in the club’s life, members are required to take part in a new election whose rules will be announced, at best, three weeks before the election,” the manager began saying.


“In this way, the possibility of deliberately wide and informed debate and the possibility of thinking about the reasons for arriving here and ways to prevent identical situations from happening again are excluded. Important moments of their institutional life are as if they were mere formalities. Respect for the club and its members is measured in moments like these”, As Noronha Lopez concluded, Register advanced, He should not run for this election..

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