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North American agency revolutionizes the image of construction company Braga (and bets on the English language)

North American agency revolutionizes the image of construction company Braga (and bets on the English language)

The construction company Grupo Casais, from Braga, has a new market position developed by the McCann agency in North America, focusing on sustainable development, which has also changed its corporate image, by creating an English-language video aimed at attracting the foreign market.

The contractor group, which is present in 17 countries, stressed in a statement sent to the press that the new website, which was called “Good Building for Good Living,” aims to link the concept of building with creation and the concept of “living.” With the interior and exterior spaces of buildings.

“The Casais Group has developed a lot of work and focus on innovation, with the particular aim of contributing to an increasingly sustainable sector, because we believe that innovation is the path to sustainability,” says Antonio Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of the group from Braga, in a statement.

“Therefore, this change makes perfect sense in terms of an image that better reflects its location, and conveys our message to be in line with our sustainability and leadership goals,” the person in charge said.

One new feature the group is trying to develop is a way to calculate the costs a building will incur over its lifetime.

According to the CEO, the Casais Group is fully focused “on the positive development of performance and vision of the future, which includes globalization and cooperation, using the many years of experience we have to do more than just stay in the comfort zone and strive.” To innovate increasingly, with the aim of driving a sustainable transformation in this sector.

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The change is divided into three stages, starting with consolidating the concept, the new visual and verbal identity, and “focusing on simplifying the narrative.”

Recall that the group has invested in new ways of approaching the construction process, especially thanks to the hybrid system adopted where wood plays as important a role as concrete. In this way, The First Hotel has already been built, in the technology center of Guimarães, but also in many B&Bs, as in Madrid. At the start of the year now ending – 2023 – the Casais Group became a shareholder in Austrian timber company CREE, strengthening its commitment to hybrid construction.