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North Korean state TV: - We are sad to see his emaciated condition

North Korean state TV: – We are sad to see his emaciated condition

Earlier in June, Kim Jong Un’s weight loss attracted a lot of attention in the international media.

TV 2 also covered the issue, and it was speculated whether the North Korean leader had health problems, and whether He may have started dieting for health reasons.

gain weight

Kim Jong-un’s focus has been a recurring theme since he took over the country’s leadership in 2012.

By that time, his predecessor, his father Kim Jong Il, had died from what is believed to be a heart attack. Kim Jong Un is known as a heavy smoker, and experts in North Korea suggest he leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

South Korean intelligence estimated last year that Kim weighed 140 kilograms, the Guardian wrote. They also believed that he had gained an average of six to seven kilograms a year since taking power.

– Our hearts ache

North Korean state television has now commented on the case for the first time.

– The hearts of our people are in pain and we are broken after seeing his meager condition. Everyone says their eyes automatically fill with tears when they see him, says a local in a straw hat on the national TV channel.

This is the first time that someone inside North Korea has discussed losing weight.

In photos from state media from the past, you can see that the commander lost a huge number of kilograms.

interested in health

Kim Jong Un is 170 centimeters tall and is said to have lost between 10 and 20 kilograms recently.

The health of the 37-year-old is of great interest to the world outside North Korea, with no successor set yet if anything happens to him.

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According to the Associated Press, many experts in South Korea believe that the North Korean leader started a diet to improve his health.

Recently in 2020, rumors abounded about Kim Jong-un’s castle, After he did not appear in public for several weeks.

The rumors started when he did not participate in the anniversary celebration of his grandfather Kim II Sung on April 15.

It has also been speculated that he was very ill during this period.