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Norton adquire todas as ações da Avast e quer criar a maior empresa de cyber segurança

Norton acquires all shares of Avast and wants to create the largest cybersecurity company

In a deal worth more than $8 billion, NortonLifeLock has purchased all shares of Avast. The merger of the two companies has already been talked about for a few days and has now been announced.

With this investment, we may face the creation of the largest cybersecurity company in the world, at a time when threats continue to grow and have an even greater impact on victims.

Norton has acquired all shares of Avast in a deal valued at more than $8 billion

Cybersecurity company NortonLifeLock has acquired Avast in a deal worth more than $8 billion. the Thus, the company will strengthen its offerTo reach thousands of users around the world. Moreover, this merger will help accelerate and transform the world of cybersecurity.

With this agreement, we can enhance our cybersecurity platform and make it available to more than 500 million users. We will also have the ability to further accelerate innovation to transform cybersecurity.

That was the statement of Vincent Billet, CEO of NortonLifeLock.

With this union, it is likely that in the future we will see a range of antivirus products that include the best of what each one has to offer today. Moreover, this work comes at a time when research on web security has never been more important, be it businesses or end consumers.

Norton acquires all shares of Avast and wants to create the largest cybersecurity company

Remember, for example, a file last gigabyte status Which saw more than 100GB of sensitive data stolen in a ransomware attack. The world of cryptocurrency is also another world in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, Remember the state of the day...

today in Norton security solutions It is already quite extensive and guarantees the user not only more security in terms of attacks, but also offers a series of additional related services, such as VPN, parental controls or even password management. Undoubtedly, this acquisition will bring significant advantages to the company's business.

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