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Norwegian Politics, Sandra Burch |  The reaction to price jumps in butter: – Inexplicable

Norwegian Politics, Sandra Burch | The reaction to price jumps in butter: – Inexplicable

Kongens Portal (Nettavisen): The price of some commodities has exploded, including butter.

Watch the video interview with Minister of Agriculture and Food Sandra Burch (Spain) here:

Causing a headache for the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Sandra Burch:

– Some commodities have price increases that are difficult to explain, for which we also did not receive a good explanation from the players. Butter is one of them, with prices increasing more than 21 percent in stores, while the supplier has an increase of just under 10 percent, Porsche tells Nettavisen.

But this is not the whole truth:

However, Nettavisen took a closer look at 500g of dairy butter from Tine. Our receipts from Oda show a price in December 2021 of NOK 34.90. The following year, the same amount of butter would cost NOK 47.20. This results in a 35 percent price increase. Oda prices closely follow the lower price chains.

Last year, Nettavisen documented that dairy butter increased 18 percent from January to February.

We can acquit the peasants of the high price of butter, but not Tyne. On Tyne and Grocery Stores explain that. For Tine, it feels like they almost have a monopoly on butter. They have a monopoly, Ivar Gasland, a social economist and associate professor at BI, told Netavien.

– No maximum price will be entered

Is it appropriate to introduce a cap on the price of butter, Porsche?

– We will not contribute to any maximum price for certain commodities, and it is not the government that sets prices in stores, but the chains that do. You answer Nettavisen now that there is a clear expectation that chains must take on more social responsibility to keep prices down.

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Why did he mention the agricultural settlement, and yet the price of butter rose so sharply?

– It contributes to the fact that prices have not risen as much as in Sweden, and then I think we should have food chains, players in the entire value chain who now also have social responsibility. Now is the time for grocery chains to take their share of responsibility and help keep prices down.

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– You have started many new studies and surveys and want to look in the margins. But what is it actually doing to lower food prices?

– The government is taking a number of measures to reduce prices, agricultural settlement, and electricity subsidies for agriculture.

– Agricultural settlement is something you can contribute to, will it be a good agricultural settlement this time or maybe better to guarantee cheaper food to Norwegian consumers?

– Norwegian food production is important to this government, and therefore it is very early to enter into an agricultural settlement that will be negotiated in the spring. It is clear that Norwegian food production will also be important in the coming year given the situation the world is going through, both from a preparedness perspective but also in order to provide safe Norwegian food production in this country.

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