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Norwegians are among the youngest in Europe

Norwegians are among the youngest in Europe

As Europe's population grows older, Norwegians become younger.


In many European countries, the average age now exceeds 45 years. In Norway, it's only 40, she says

They collected statistics from several countries, including Norway. Statistics show that Norwegians are among the youngest in Europe, unlike people in Portugal or Italy, for example.

The highest average age in Europe is found in Italy at 48 years.

Median age means the age at which half the population is younger and the other half is older. This method of calculating age is often better than average.

Lowest in Oslo

Figures from Statistics Norway (SSB), which refers to, show that Norway's youngest population lives in Oslo.

Here the average age is 35 years. The highest average age can be found in Inlandet, with the average age here being 45 years.

Average lifespan in Norway and Europe has risen in recent years, and there are several reasons for this. But one of the main reasons is a better health care system.

In Norway, it has also increased because people have fewer children. We are simply getting older, without more young people arriving.

Europe: This is what the average lifespan looks like in Europe.

Lower in Norway than in Europe

Statistics from Statistics Norway indicate that Norway is experiencing a historic decline in the birth rate.

In 2022, the average number of children per woman is 1.41. This means that the average Norwegian woman gave birth to 1.41 children during her lifetime.

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In comparison, the average in Europe is 1.5 children per woman.