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5G: NOS diz que "ganhou o leilão" e investiu 165 milhões de euros

NOS says it “won the auction” and invested 165 million euros

The 5G auction is finally over! As mentioned, 1,727 shots were made, and the state could collect 566,802 million euros.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing (MIH) has already arrived to congratulate the end of the 5G auction and operator NOS says it is the “auction winner”.

NOS has got all possible spectrum to explore new 5G technology

MIH today welcomed the end of the 5G auction, warning that bidders will "be subject to compliance with the obligations set forth in the auction regulation," which is coverage. MIH later says that "it will now be necessary for Anacom to complete the process, in accordance with the terms of the regulation, which will culminate in the assignment of usage rights to bidders".

NOS operator calls itself Auction winner after investing More than 165 million. In a statement sent to the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM), the NOS operator states: “With a global investment of €165,091,000, NOS has acquired all possible spectrum to exploit the new 5G technology: 100MHz in the 3.6GHz band and 2×10MHz in the 700MHz band, and 2×5MHz in the 2100MHz band and 2 × 2MHz at 900MHz Space Saver".

5G: tells us so "won the auction" and invested 165 million euros

NOS “adheres to the goals set out in its 5G mobile network strategy, thus ensuring the best conditions to deliver a high-quality network across the country,” the statement read.

On Thursday, at 11:00 a.m., the organizer is scheduled to hold a press conference on the 5G auction.

5G will allow speeds 10 times faster than 4G to use the same amount of data. As said, 5G will not only be an internet for the end user...but also. 5G allows responding to critical emergency services, with high flexibility, such as industrial applications (Industry 4.0), autonomous vehicles, remote surgeries or emergency services.

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