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Under controversy!  A game was contested at Sanfins do Douro to start the party at 2 am.  Explains the musician - celebrities

Not for 10 million! A game that denies “a very popular program” … from TVI – Nacional

In the last years, Toy is one of the most requested artists by Portuguese TV and not only. Sadino’s go-to singer for everyone. This Wednesday, September 28, Toei was the guest of RFM’s Cara Podre. With the interface that is recognized He did not shy away from any of the questionsEven the most annoying.

Asked about the possibility Signing an exclusive contract with a TV channel And if this happened, what would he choose, Toy was ready to reject such a possibility. “Only with my wife”The singer joked from Setubal.

Driven by the theme, we ended up releasing a game of revelations and Presumably he already got a proposal from one of the TV channels. “You have been invited to a very popular show And they said to me “But we will pay well” and I said “But they have 10 million?”And they answered, “No, 10 million we don’t have.” Even if they had, I wouldn’t. There is no price for our freedom“, It is to explain.

In fact, at the end of 2021, Toy had already stated that he would never participate in a reality show. “I don’t enter [no ‘BB Famosos’] without money “Reassuring at that time.

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With the amount of concerts scheduled for this summer, the singer didn’t stop for a second. This person had to make new rules and add them to his routine.

In an interview with TV Guia, The musician recalled the call of Jose Eduardo Munizwhich he obtained in the past and rejected it with conviction. “The first time I was invited to do something like this was many years ago. I had finished the TV series ‘Olhos d’Água’ and it was followed by a TV series with Fernanda Serrano, taped in Douro. I was in a hotel in Regua and I got a call from José Eduardo Moniz. (…) I was For a “Big Brother Famous” and I said no.“If I had someone in my family who needed money, if I was really bad or a kid needed it, I would do anything. I was even prostitutes or doing whatever they wanted to save a child’s life.. But not now. Even for 10 million euros I would not get into the “Big Brother”. I will not do. “Money is not everything,” he said in the same interview.

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