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Note that there were children in the theater - VG

Note that there were children in the theater – VG

Warning: Ukrainians tried to warn that children in the Mariupol theater were being bombed on Tuesday. The word is written on both sides of the building, and the photo was taken on March 14.

Both the theater and the swimming pool are said to have been used as a shelter for civilians in central Mariupol when it was bombed on Wednesday. The Ukrainians tried to warn that there were children inside the theater.


A satellite image from Maxar, published by Reuters on Wednesday, shows that someone wrote the word “Child” on the floor in large white letters to warn that children had taken refuge inside the theatre.

VG check the photo, the location and the meaning of the words on the floor. The text is written in Russian, and the word “children” is plural on both sides of the building.

The photo was taken on March 14, according to Reuters.

Deputy Mayor Serhiy Orlov estimates that between 1,000 and 1,200 people were sheltering inside the theater when it was bombed, he tells BBC.

Governor Pavlo Kirilenko wrote in the telegram that several hundred residents of Mariupol hid in the theater.

– What happened to them is unknown, since the entrance to the booby-trapped room is closed, he said.

Therefore, it is currently impossible to determine the number of victims, according to the governor.

For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry denied that there were air strikes in Mariupol during the day, and claimed that the Ukrainian Azov Brigade was behind the attack, according to the Russian state news agency. tast.

Parliament: families of children and women

Kirilenko writes that an indoor swimming pool in Mariupol, Neptune, was also bombed in the air strikes against the city on Wednesday. According to the governor, pregnant women and children took refuge in the building.

– Likewise, there were only civilians on Neptune. Now pregnant women and women with children are under the rubble. This is pure terrorism! he is writing.

The Verkhovna Rada, the Verkhovna Rada, wrote on Telegram on Wednesday night that children and pregnant women were trapped in the rubble.

– Protection is continuous, so it is impossible to disassemble the block. The enemy deliberately shot civilians and civilian property, mainly women and children hiding. They write that the number of victims is unknown.

The number of casualties can be enormous

– This is terrorism, the adviser to the Ministry of the Interior, Anton Hirashchenko, wrote in a letter to VG.

It continues as follows:

The occupiers threw a powerful bomb at the Mariupol Theater. There were defenseless people hiding in this building. He writes that the number of victims could be enormous.

Norway’s Foreign Minister Anneken Hoetfeldt expressed her support for Ukraine on Twitter.

– Harsh reports of a theater bombing in Mariupol tonight. The perpetrators must be held accountable. Heutfeldt writes that Russia is responsible for the bloodshed through its unjustified and illegal aggression.

And besieged the city of Mariupol for a long time and the Russian forces carried out heavy artillery shelling and bomb attacks on the city.

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On Tuesday, the governor claimed that Russian troops entered a hospital in Mariupol and Taking patients and staff hostage.

I tried to evacuate the city

Between 300,000 and 400,000 are trapped in the city without water, electricity and gas.

There have been several attempts to evacuate civilians from the city and to establish humanitarian corridors to the city to evacuate the city and to send food and emergency aid.

About 2,000 cars have managed to leave Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, the city council said on Tuesday afternoon.

Before the war, about 450,000 people lived in the city. Several thousand managed to flee the city in the early days of the war.

Then Mariupol was surrounded and besieged, and since then the city has been subjected to numerous attacks.

The attacks on the besieged city were described as one humanitarian disaster From Doctors Without Borders, among others.

Many of the city’s residents are said to have been buried in mass graves.