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Maria Vieira, Manuel Luis Goucha

“Nothing but a hypocrite”

Maria Vieira once again criticized Manuel Luis Gosha, recalling the interview of the presenter with Andre Ventura.

Recently, Maria Vieira strongly criticized TVI for choosing Manuel Luis Gocha and Claudio Ramos, “Two men, both gay‘, to introduce ‘Big Brother’.

One netizen left a comment on her Facebook page, praising Josha’s choice of guests.

I don’t know the program and I don’t like the presenters. But again I have to disagree on one point. I started to pay more consideration to Goucha when I saw that he started inviting people that others hadn’t invited him, like [André] Ventura and because it is against political correctness. If there were more journalists like him and the press in Portugal it would be so much better!‘, she says.

Maria Vieira He did not agree, referring to the interview of the presenter with Andrei Ventura.

Josh called Dr. Andre Ventura but he was extremely unpleasant, extremely unsympathetic and arrogant towards him! Only those who are very distracted, naive or very stupid have not seen this!. The ghousha is nothing more than a hypocrite like most of these beasts roaming the damn TV. Do not feed illusions with those who do not deserve the ground they step on!“He’s hot.

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