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"Nothing is fairer than talking..."

“Nothing is fairer than talking…”

Bruno Spindel spoke to the press in Rio de Janeiro on Friday before his trip to Portugal.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel, Vice President and CEO of Football for Flamengo, respectively, arrived in Lisbon on Saturday. In the bag, they bring an open wish: to bring Jorge Jesus back to the club. Before leaving for the Portuguese capital, Spindel spoke to the press in Rio de Janeiro and confirmed that a meeting was scheduled with the current captain of Benfica.

“The idea is this [ter uma conversa com o Jorge Jesus]. He has a nice history in Flamingo. There is a great friendship with me, with Marcus [Braz], with the boss, with a lot of people in Flamingo. With the technical team as well. He’s done a very successful job, he’s a great person and a great coach and nothing is fairer than talking to the coach and understanding the possibilities and the plans and of course we would like him to be with us at Flamengo and make more history. We would like him to be here with us again,” the Black Red chief explained.