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Nothing to hide.  Mariana Pacheco's boyfriend assumes a dramatic moment when he doesn't have a home "where he rests" - Nacional

Nothing to hide. Mariana Pacheco’s boyfriend assumes a dramatic moment when he doesn’t have a home “where he rests” – Nacional

Mariana Pacheco’s new boyfriend, musician Ciro, He does not hide a dramatic stage that passed without a fixed place to live in, a “safe haven,” as he described it himself.

Before falling in love with Mariana, Diogo Lopez, the 27-year-old musician’s real name, said the “Traffic” stage served as the inspiration for the “Home” theme.

“The single ‘Casa’ was a theme where I took me back to a point in my life when I was a little nomadic, Jumping from house to house, that is, between my father’s house, my mother’s house, and my ex-girlfriend’s house… many hotel rooms,” he said last year in a conversation with Rodrigo Gomez and Daniel Fontura, of RFM.

“So I had many homes and really no homes where I could rest, where I could stay, where I felt like I was in a safe haven. And that was it. I don’t talk anymore unless I don’t cryhe recalls.

At that time, Diogo did not want to say for sure whether he was single or not, but he did not deny that he had fallen in love with the wrong people several times.

The announcers asked, “Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person?” “Wow, so many times. In fact, ask the opposite: Have you ever fallen in love with the right person?” Syro replied between laughter. The singer and Mariana formalized the relationship last Friday, the 19th, at the GQ party. “We’ve known each other for quite some time,” he said “Invisible Blood” actress to flash!🇧🇷 “I can only say I’m really happy,” he admitted.

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