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Nova Iguaçu General Hospital encourages talking about sexually transmitted diseases

Nova Iguaçu General Hospital encourages talking about sexually transmitted diseases

Nova Iguaçu General Hospital encourages talking about sexually transmitted diseases

The Red December campaign, which raises awareness about AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, continues to mobilize health units in Nova Iguaçu to promote actions on this topic. This Thursday (7) it is the turn of the General Hospital of Nova Iguaçu (HGNI) to hold a conversation with specialists to raise awareness and inform the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases and to welcome patients.

HGNI is one of the only health centers in Baixada Fluminense that has an outpatient clinic indicated by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Patients from different regions of the state of Rio de Janeiro seek care at the health unit, including adults, adolescents, children and infants. Over the years, more than five thousand people have been monitored in this sector, which is also involved in global clinical research targeting the latest treatments for HIV/AIDS.

“The hospital has one of the largest outpatient clinics for sexually transmitted diseases in the state of Rio de Janeiro, offering treatment through the SUS system with the most effective treatment available to patients. “It is a great center for national and international clinical research of innovative medicines that have a significant impact on the care of infected patients.” HIV or other diseases,” highlights the Director General of HGNI, Ulises Melo.

The event was moderated by Aline Ramalho, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician, Clinical Dermatologist and Public Health Specialist, and HGNI STI Section Coordinator. One of the main points of the conversation was about prevention methods, such as pre- and post-exposure HIV medications, available at the hospital for those who have been in contact with the disease, and viral load tests to determine the spread of the virus in the body. bloodstream, condom use and the need for continuous and specialized monitoring for those with a positive diagnosis. Other topics discussed at the meeting included the importance of regularly testing patients for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, with the aim of early detection and immediate initiation of treatment, if necessary.

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Joyce Katia Fernandez, 59, a nursing technician at HGNI for about 14 years, was one of the meeting participants. During her career in the health unit, she cared for patients who were hospitalized due to complications of sexually transmitted diseases. She currently performs her role in a gynecology outpatient clinic, and spoke about the importance of being an information multiplier.

“We know that the incidence of HIV and other diseases has unfortunately increased, especially among young people, and it is necessary to hold awareness-raising events to bring knowledge to health workers who receive this patient, and to think about the best help. We also have to take this information to Our homes, our neighbors, our family.”

Actions towards the Red December campaign continue. Family clinics and basic health units continue to reinforce the importance of conducting testing in the rooms where the patient is waiting for the appointment. The Municipal Health Department’s mobile bus travels through different areas of the city to provide screenings, STD testing and care. In the municipal Upas and Maternidade Mariana Bulhões, there will also be awareness activities about AIDS/HIV and other diseases.