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Novak Djokovic does not play: "This is still a wonderful year"

Novak Djokovic does not play: “This is still a wonderful year”

In the long list of records that Novak Djokovic has been accustomed to accumulating over the years, this seemed inevitable. In 2015, Novak Djokovic won the Masters title for the 4th time for the 5th time. A short walk from Pete Sampras and Evan Lendl and only six-time winner Roger Federer. But for six years the posts of these four have been frozen. We will not criticize Lendl and Sampras. Federer, he did not set foot in the final. Novak Djokovic returned there for two defeats in 2016 against Andy Murray and in 2018 against Alexander Sverre.

As he ages, it is true that the Serbian is, at times, mastered, though not at the end of the roll, far from his best position in any case. So the youth ruled over the ATP finals. But this time, after a long hiatus following the US Open, Djokovic was able to achieve this feat after his victory over Persia. Sverev was stopped in the semifinals on Saturday and he still has to wait.

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However, he was not really defeated by the defeat. “It was a tough game but I had fun, He promised. This is a great battle, high quality tennis. I served well and played well. In the third set I played a very bad serve. Three forehands, one backhand, four mistakes in easy positions. In this game I cheated the game. “He’s not physically:”I could have played two more hours, no problem. Behold, this is a bad game and against Sasha’s quality server, it’s hard to recover from it. “

Despite conceding against Daniel Medvedev in the final of the US Open, Sverev’s defeat to world number one after another semi – final for the second time this year, despite adding another weight to the tournament’s historic role. The final, the Olympics in Tokyo in August.

But if failure still prevents him from choosing, Djokovic has not regretted having executed twice from Hamburg. “Sasha is a good guy and a great player“, He took almost word for word what he had against Medvedev after Percy. The boss openly admires his young rivals.”Sasha is a friend outside the court, He continued. We behave well. Being close when you are competitors is not easy, but we like to talk about life, different things. I am always happy to share with him. “

Graduating in Paris is not the worst end of the season with the semifinals here

These three failed matches completely separate Novak Djokovic from the glorious campaign. One against Medvedev deprived him of two possible Olympic titles against the Grand Slam and Sverre, and the potential record of Masters titles. But we saw him with a smile on his face, as he showed on the court in Percy, as he was in Turin, and he wanted to be a philosopher, even when everything did not go straight to him. Perhaps, in part, because he was under pressure until the US Open final, he has been keeping the stock in perspective ever since.

Moment of Eternity: With the edge of the valley and the cheers, Djokovic with tears in his chair

And then, after all, Novak Djokovic’s season, while not perfect, was exceptional. We should not take a little slam in particular lightly, and 2021 should not be remembered as the year when the man from Belgrade finally combined with Federer and Nadal in the number of titles in the majors. Not forgetting the “Double Grand Slam” for winning the Roland Cross, two world number one record holders, whether it was the number of weeks he spent on the throne or the number of seasons he finished in it. .

The “Joker”, he chose and did not want to be outspoken, we understand. “This is a great season, no doubt, He recalled. I didn’t play in a lot of tournaments, but was able to finish first that year and win three of the four Grand Slams. This is still a wonderful year. Maybe I did better in some matches, but not the worst end of the season with a degree and semi-final in Paris at the end of the day.. “

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“Next Generation”, “Next Generation” and the Australian Vaccine: Its Thorns on the Side

Will this epic year mark the culmination of Serbian rule or will Djokovic extend his dominance further in the coming months and years? In principle, it is best to never take the risk of betting against such an animal. One thing is for sure, everything is the same: the competition is progressing, and getting better. Daniel Medvedev became the first player of the new generation to defeat him in a Grand Slam final. If Stefanos Chitsibas had been punished for mismanaging his calendar, he would not have been so far from doing the same at Roland Crosse if he had finished that season on his knees. Sverev has yet to find a small one in the five-set format, but has kept almost all parts of the German puzzle in place.

Even for a monster named Djokovic, winning Grand Slam titles would undoubtedly be less relaxing. It is not forbidden to think that the “next generation”, Chinner, Algaras, even Agar-aliasim, can present big problems to many very quickly. Then, in a very short time, in Melbourne, the uncertainty of his being “at home” hangs. Australian health protocol, here is an enemy we do not expect. Within two months, however, he could have prevented the capital from competing for the 21st crown.

Novak Djokovic

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